Feb 22 2022

How many years of DJ experience do you have?

I have been in this industry since 1979. I’ve performed at hundreds of weddings, corporate parties, nightclubs, fundraisers and many other events over the years. Most DJ’s play music on the side for extra money but myself I’ve been doing this full time since high school.

Feb 22 2022

Is your DJ licensed and insured?

Yes! As a member of Canadian Professional Disc Jockey Association we are held to a higher standard. We carry liability insurance and all the music is licensed by AVLA and not downloaded.

Feb 22 2022

Are the equipment and lights of top quality?

Yes, over the years I have found that paying more money for high end equipment gives me a better sound and more reliability. I also customize the sound system to the size of the room. Take for example; one small set of speakers in a large room ends up sounding like a ghetto blaster

Feb 22 2022

How extensive is the library and quality of the music?

We get music from every genre supplied every month from three different DJ pools (Multi-Music, Promo Only, and ERG) which keeps us up to date on all the latest music and is licensed by AVLA. Playing music downloaded off of the Internet is usually low quality and is stealing, which means it is illegal. Currently […]

Feb 22 2022

Are you willing to travel?

Of Course, I’ve played all across BC, Calgary, Edmonton, Ontario. There is a travel fee which varies on how far you want me to travel (Yes I will travel to Mexico)

Feb 22 2022

Do you dress appropriately for the event?

Nothing is worse than seeing a DJ that looks like he has just walked off the street. I always dress professionally and if a party has a theme I will dress accordingly

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