Retro Rock Trivia

Enhance your corporate event or party with retro rock trivia

logo_retrorocktriviaRetro Rock Trivia is a music trivia game that is best suited for events of between 50-200 people. We started this Trivia game in pubs, but it has also become very popular for corporate events and private parties. Our Retro Rock Trivia Show includes a sound system, DJ and MC.

The way Retro Rock works is each table is a team that competes for points. There is usually a theme for the team names, and every team picks their own name, which is periodically called out during the night, and teams can make noise for extra points every time they hear their team name.

We usually go through rounds of all the decades of music, from 50s to today’s hits, depending on the age group of participants. Each team gets a turn where the DJ plays a clip of music, and that team has to guess the song and the artist. If they get both right, on their turn, they have a chance to win a prize, by guessing the year in that decade. If they get that right, they hear James Brown come on, and that team has to then stand up and do a victory dance until the DJ stops the song, which is approximately 20 seconds. If the team that is up does not get the song/artist, the next team up gets the chance to steal the points. If they don’t get it, it is up for “open steals”, where the MC then walks around and gets the answer quietly from all the other teams. All the teams who get the answer right gets points.

In between the decades, we will do interactive games, which are customized to the group. Some games we have done in the past include the twist, the booty shake, the air guitar, the back-to-back game, speed round, and more.

instragramAgain, everything can be customized according to time limit and the age of your teams. For the show we will provide the sound system, a DJ and an MC.

For more information on Retro Rock Trivia, or the pubs we currently provide this interactive game for, please visit our website or follow us on Instagram.


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